Monday, December 10, 2012

UMass Comes to Yellowstone (10/4-8/2012)

Our friends, Yesher, Jessica & Scott came from the east coast for a Yellowstone visit.  We had a great time with everyone even though it was pretty chilly that weekend!

When they got in they met us down in Gardiner.  Katrina had been meeting down their all day and had a public meeting that evening, but had a nice break enough to get some tasty pizza at the K-Bar with everyone.  After pizza, Katrina went to her meetings and everyone went up the hill the apartment and relaxed.  By the time Katrina got home after the meeting, everyone was asleep--traveling is hard work!

The weekend was chocked full of adventures!  We went down to Obsidian Cliff, Norris Geyser Basin, West Thumb and Old Faithful on Friday.  We had a nice drink at the Old Faithful Inn Bar after watching the geyser go off complete.  Then after dinner the eastern crew walked the Mammoth board walks while Austin took Pirate for a walk and Ilija and Katrina played.

Saturday we headed out to Lamar Valley to see wildlife.  We also got to do a hike that has been on the top of our "to do" list--specimen ridge from petrified trees to Yellowstone picnic area.  It was a fun hike complete with a bison stampede, tons of petrified trees and the most beautiful views of the canyon.  So what if it was 35 degrees out!

Sunday we laid a little lower and headed up to Chico to relax in the hot pools.  Monday bright and early the crew had to hit the road to catch their flight out of Billings.  Thanks for the great time!!!

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