Monday, December 10, 2012

Missoula (10/19-21/012)

The weekend of October 19th we headed up to Missoula to see Nicholas and Erin and my folks headed up from Billings.  Friday we arrived in the afternoon (after Austin had to work all morning and we drove over 4 hours) and Uncle Nicholas was already off of work so we had a snack and headed down the street to the park.  We played on the jungle gym, swung and threw the football around-- just what we needed to burn off a little pent up energy.  Auntie Erin got home from work just before my folks got in, then we made a delicious Italian feast and had a few drinks before hitting the sack.

Having fun at Uncle Nicholas and Auntie Erin's--they have pretty cool toys!

Ilija was up super early due to the excitement of being in the same building with his Grandma, Papa, Uncle and Auntie, so we were all up super early.  We ate some breakfast and then headed out to the farmer's market.  I just have to add that I LOVE farmer's markets! It was a nice one and Papa bought us all hot drinks to warm us up, then we wandered around Missoula stopping at the tea shop and ultimately at the dragon park with the carousel.

Spinning around and around!
Then we went home for a much needed nap!  Half the crowd headed to Rockin' Rudys and a used book store.  When Ilija woke up we hit the Kettlehouse then an Irish pub for dinner.  After we got back home, we played games, Ilija played with a new garage toy and we had a few more beers--we weren't driving.  Thanks for playing with Ilija so the younger adults could play a game, Grandma and Papa!

The next morning, we had a great breakfast, Papa and Katrina headed to REI to get Ilija some long underwear and we watched football until we all drove home.

Thanks for hosting Nicholas and Erin!  We love Missoula (and you)!

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