Monday, December 10, 2012

Grandma & Papa in the Park (9/21-23/2012)

After work on Friday my parents hit the road to Mammoth, we had dinner ready when they got here and enjoyed a cold beer, roasted chicken and plum pie along with good company.

Sunday morning we took Pirate for a walk to Joffee and watched a herd of elk on top of the hill over the maintenance area--the bull elk were in full affect bugling and chasing their harems to keep them in close proximity. On our way back to saw a smaller herd of bison up on the hill too.  While we were eating breakfast, our neighbor, Kenny yelled through the window that the bison were now in the parking lot--so we got to see them even closer from our porch.

Ilija was on cloud nine getting to be with some of his favorite people and as always we enjoyed having them and experiencing the beauty of the park!

Time together.

Pi dog.

Gama play time.

Bison heading out of our parking lot.

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