Monday, December 10, 2012

And we get a new rig (9/28-30/2012)

The last weekend of September brought us back to Billings, we were planning on borrowing a vehicle from my folks so that Austin could take ours down to SLC for his meetings, but instead we went window shopping and came home with a tricked out van.  I have to admit I felt a little old driving it off the lot, but it is so comfortable and I am sure not only will my buns thank me for the heated seats, but my son will thank me for all of the amenities and extra room for his future soccer team. ;)

Excited to be driving away!

Thank you to my folks for all the help looking, watching Ilija and with the pros and cons lists!

Austin headed back to Mammoth right after we signed the papers and headed down to SLC the following morning for a successful IKEA trip (swedish xmas this year) and working meetings!  Ilija, Pi and I headed home Sunday in our new wheels and had a good beginning of the week even if Daddy was out of town.

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