Monday, December 10, 2012

Turning 30 in the Park!

Well, I finally turned the big 3-0.  I cannot believe it, I think mentally I am stuck somewhere between 19 and 25 for sure not 30.  But living in the park with all of the wildlife and hiking has made me re-evaluate how much can get done in a year and how our family should be living, which is kind of nice.  Seems like every few years now, our lives get turning upside down and we realize some really wonderful things that if we had stayed on the previous trajectory we might not have.  Like although we love being domestic and gardening--we love being outdoors and exploring and most of all we LOVE being with family and friends.

My birthday was spent with Ilija and Austin (pirate was in trouble for eating the meat thawing for my birthday dinner!).  We had a nice time together.

But the real party happened when we went back to Billings for the long weekend.  Nicholas and Erin came down from Missoula and fun was had by all.  Thank you!!!

Enjoying a backyard.

Family fun!

Grandma and Ilija.

Matching grey shirts.

Moustachioed breakfast.

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