Monday, December 10, 2012

Cowboy Cookout (9/7/2012)

One of the fundraisers that they have for Little People's is the cowboy cookout at Tower Junction/ Roosevelt Area of the park.  You gather at Roosevelt, take big horse-drawn covered wagons to the Old Yancey hotel site, and there is a great big cookout with music and dancing and coffee cooked over an open fire.  Ilija loved riding in the back of the wagon and getting to see the horses pull the wagon behind us, dancing to a live cowboy band and running around the prairie.  He also really liked when a mini-herd of bison were on the wagon trail and all the wagons waited, gathered in a big line, started rolling pretty quickly and yelled at the bison to safely get them off the trail--the bison went running and we all laughed to see those big bodies move so quickly.  A successful evening of fun, food and family!

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