Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hike #22: Mt Washburn (8/18/2012)

After our guests left we had a busy week.  The grants manager from NPF, Katherine, was here and we got to hang out with her a bit, introduce her to the project, the steering committee and the family.  Wednesday am, YA took Katherine and me out to Lamar valley and the NE entrance to do some animal viewing.  We saw wolves and mountain goats through a scope (blurry pictures to follow at some point). Friday morning early before Katherine's flight, we met up and walked the Terraces and then had a very nice breakfast at the Mammoth Dining Room.  Thanks for a great time, Katherine!

But we were tired on Friday and pretty much slept and did chores the rest of the day.  We love family naps!
So Saturday we were raring to go out and get in some scenery.  We had never gone to Mt. Washburn before and Austin had never been over the Dunraven pass so we headed up the Northern route to Mt. Washburn and decided since it was an old road we could push Ilija up in his buggy.  He liked it and we liked it.  Our arms got a work out too.

Austin and the buggy heading up

Our little guy looking at some rocks probably

View heading up, those are the Tetons way in the distance

Can you see the mountains through the smoke?

Up at the look out station on top.

Father and son

Looking back down the trail from the top.

Nice view

Another direction and a weather station

In the outlook area, chewing on a bear

Elev 10,243 ft

Family shot near the sign

Austin loves weather stations

Don't push him over the side!

happy rider.  last shot of his ranger hat, that unfortunately was lost on the way down from this hike. :(

Family shot on the way down.  Ilija is asleep in buggy.

After Mt. Washburn, we went over the pass to Canyon to see how some traffic modifications I had made earlier in the week were holding up and to get a slushy.  We couldn't find another ranger hat, but we did find an ugly little bison stuffed animal and that is how, Fred, became a member of our family.  We all enjoyed the break then headed back home to get ready for the Gardiner Brewfest.  Fun was had by all that night.  Ilija played horseshoes, Austin drank $1 microbrews and I soaked in some quality time with the famlily.

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