Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hike #21: Yellowstone Picnic Area

Tony, Mary, and Uncle Bobby headed out to the Lamar Valley to look for wolves on their last day in the park, before heading out the NE entrance through the Beartooths.  Ilija and myself followed them out to Lamar but peeled off prior to the valley to kill some time while mom was working.  We decided on doing the Yellowstone Picnic Area hike.  I thought it sounded pretty lame but it ended up being one of the most scenic hikes I have done yet.  Ilija slept through almost all of it while I enjoyed great views of the Yellowstone Canyon and picturesque views of Lamar.

Yellowstone River prior to entering the Canyon

On a ridge overlooking the Tower/Canyon junction and the roadwork there

Yellowstone River again meandering through the valley

Yellowstone Canyon near Tower

Another shot of the canyon

Yellowstone after exiting the Canyon and winding through the valley

Last parts of the canyon along with thermal areas/features along the canyon walls

A Fred walking down the middle of the road

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